Privacy Policy

ClintWallmanGolf understands your concerns about your privacy and takes care of information that you share while visiting the site. Our visitors are very valuable to us and we at no cost intend to disclose any of their information to the third party. However, there are few things that you need to know about our privacy policies.

Do we Collect any sort of data from you?

We do collect some data about you when you visit any of the pages from our site. This is in the form of cookies. When you try to leave a comment on our site, we ask you to put your email address in order to submit the comment successfully. The email addresses that we collect from our visitors are stored in our database. This contact information is used to send response messages about that comment and may be used to send you important updates about latest articles. We do not send any email to you without your consent.

We also assure our viewers that we shall not sell your contact information to anyone at any cost.

Cookies makes use of a technology named as cookies to keep track of the visitors’ behaviour, time spent on the blog and the page that they visited etc. This information is collected to analyze visitors’ interest and website statistics which help us to improve the quality of our services.

What are Cookies actually?

Cookies are text documents small in size and contain unique identifiers. These cookies are stored in some place on your hard drive whenever you visit some site with cookies enabled. These cookies are then used by that website when you visit that website again. Each website has its own cookies and when you visit a site the browser fetches and provides the cookies belonging to that website. The browser is programmed to permit the access to only those cookies which belong to that particular site. Cookies are safe to use, they do not transfer any type of virus or payload to your computer.


The content, the reviews, the media that is present on our website is copyright protected. No one is allowed to reproduced or copy any type content from our site. You are not allowed to copy/use the domain name, author name or content of this website for any purpose otherwise a legal action would be taken against you.

The websites that are linked to our site

We are only responsible for the actions that we do on our site. In some articles or posts, we may provide links to some other website. These links are placed for clarification of the topic and to provide you with the quality content. We are not responsible for the practices that are being performed on those sites or blogs. These sites may have their own privacy policies. Moreover, we are not answerable for any blog that is linking to our site.


There may be some ads appearing on different pages of our site. These ads are placed intentionally and are delivered by advertisement partners. These partners may be using cookies to keep track of your activities and your location.

Privacy Policy Modifications

We the owner of follow a proper procedure to maintain and protect your information. The policies of our site are influenced by the country policies in which we are located. Our privacy policies may change at any time under specific circumstances with or without any public announcement.

Last Modified on April 20, 2018